Huffpo retracts erroneous claim attacking McDonald’s wagepractices!/collegepolitico/status/362339313750507520

The Huffington Post ended up with an egg McGriddle on it’s face after having to retract an erroneous claim that McDonald’s could double its wages if it simply raised its food prices by 17%:

The story drew on data presented by Arnobio Morelix, an undergraduate student from The University Of Kansas who identified himself as a researcher for the school. In an interview, Morelix told the HuffPost that only 17.1 percent of McDonald’s revenue goes toward salaries and benefits, meaning that for every dollar McDonald’s earns, a little more than 17 cents goes toward the income and benefits of its employees.

However, as the Columbia Journalism Review subsequentlynoted,Morelix’s analysis only takes into account the payroll and employee benefits of McDonald’s company-operated stores while excluding franchise businesses. Prior to publication, HuffPost asked Morelix if his analysis included franchises and he said it did. He later conceded it did not. McDonald’s franchises make upmore than 80 percent of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. This means that a majority of the payroll and employee benefits of McDonald’s workers are not included in Morelix’s findings.

The story has been widely cited at a time when employees are walking off their jobs and demanding$15 an hour pay at fast food restaurants.

Twitchy reported an earlier correction Huffington Post issuedabout the article – let’s just call it a preliminary correction – when the left-leaning website admitted that the unpublished McDonald’s study was authored by an undergraduate student, not a researcher as had been reported initially.

The bogus article was cited uncritically by many on Twitter and in the MSM by then, but it also received pushback from some of those pesky just a blogger types:!/collegepolitico/status/362340177265434624!/Tom_Maguire/status/362364154226556928!/SooperMexican/status/362565246709276672

A Big Mac miss by the Huffington Post

Poor reporting on a study by a Kansas undergrad- Ryan Chittum (@ryanchittum) July 31, 2013

At least Huffpo issued a retraction. Not all news outlets and bloggers have done so. As of this publishing, Think Progress posted various updates but still has the erroneous statistic up as a headline.


Just the kind of journalistic integrity we’ve come to expect from the Left.


Widely-cited ‘study’ of McDonald’s wages by ‘researcher’ was written by anundergrad

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How Game Of Thrones Swords Are Forged

Movie magic isn’t all smoke and mirrors. Swordsmith and propmaster Tony Swatton has been forging weapons and armor for Hollywood costume departments for over thirty years.

Franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Blade are notches on his professional belt. But Game of Throne, with its long history of named Valyrian steel swords, is new kind of challenge.

This behind-the-scenes look shows off how cool it is to create Jaime Lannister’s sword, though they do not mention if it’s his everyday one or the Valyrian Oathkeeper.

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10 Movies I Wish I Hadn’t Seen With My Parents

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

My Mom Before: Oh that goofy guy from How I Met Your Mother made a movie!


My Mom During: Children play with those chess sets.

9. 8 Mile

My Parents Before: A documentary about a historic rapper? Sounds promising.

My Parents During: NO NOT THE NICE GIRL FROM’re never allowed to listen to rap music again.

8. Borat

My Dad Before: So everyone’s talking about this cutting political parody called Borat?

My Dad During: Is hetouchingoutside of Victoria’s Secret?

7. Hard Candy

My Parents Before: Oh hey we rented a movie that Juno’s in!


6. Titanic

My Parents Before: A historical love story that doomed from the start? What lovely cinematic adventure to go on!


5. Black Swan

My Mom Before: I hear it’s been nominated for and Oscar and that the dancing is stunning.


4. Brokeback Mountian

My Dad Before: (flipping through channels on TV) Oh look that guy who plays a knight is now a cowboy.

My Dad During: (flips channel as fast as possible) So inappropriate.but not wrong, gay people are fine. Great even. Gays areuh.just ask your Mom. And don’t Google it.

3. Team America: World Police

My Mom Before: Girls day! Let’s go see a movie those South Park guys have a movie out right?

My Mom During: (gets up and leaves)

2. The American Pie Franchise

My Dad Before: What? You told me to rent a comedy.

My Dad During: If you ever make any of the same choices that these people have made, I will have failed as a human being.

1. Clerks 2

My Parents Before: Clerks? That’s about a bunch of nerds, right? and a comic book store? It’ll be funny let’s go.

My Parent During:What’s about to happen to that donkey?

Got one worse than any of these? Leave them in the comments!

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Half-Time at Comic-Con: Thursday and Friday’s Featured Films


Behind-the-Scenes Photos From ‘Fuller House’ That Fans NEED To See

Have mercy!

How rude!


If you were a fan of Full House more than 25 years ago, you know those famous phrases because you grew up with the Tanners.


John Stamos looks as cool as he did in 1987.


Danny Tanner, reporting for duty.


Still together, after all these years.


In case you needed to make it official.


They’re back! Literally.

Are you looking forward toFuller Housethis week?

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The Twitter IPO Experience From The NYSE Floor

1. Around 8 a.m. today, inside the New York Stock Exchange building at the intersection of Broad Street and Wall Street, a whole bunch of white dudes in suits formed a circle.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Handout / Reuters

2. What made this morning different was that the traders were joined by Twitter executives, who were there for the ceremonial ringing of the opening bell to mark the company’s first day of trading.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

3. About 40 reporters were corralled in a pen and allowed to partake in the festivities, which primarily consisted of standing and waiting.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Reporters were asked to arrive by 7:45 a.m., though the opening bell doesn’t ring until 9:30 a.m., and Twitter shares didn’t actually start trading until 10:49 a.m.

4. The excitement was palpable

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

5. just look at the energy and enthusiasm of these guys!

Via Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

6. They make the normally easily excitable Jim Cramer of CNBC seem calm.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

8. Then, as if beamed in from the Starship Enterprise, Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard) inexplicably appeared, instantly vaporizing bystanders’ dejection.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

9. Even Twitter’s founders and chief executive seemed to be wondering what Patrick Stewart was doing there.


Just look at the expression on the face of Ev and Biz.

10. As the bell rang, clapping ensued


11. as did interviews, lots and lots of interviews

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo spoke to CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla.

12. CNBC even interviewed Patrick Stewart, who was allowed to wear jeans even though they are generally prohibited on the NYSE floor.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Many of the younger reporters in the pen were either unaware of Stewart’s celebrity altogether, or knew him only from his role as Professor X in the X-Men franchise. One millennial cameraman wondered if he was standing mere feet from Spock.

13. Meanwhile, everyone on the floor watched these screens waiting for traders to decide on an opening price and for Twitter’s shares to actually begin trading.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

14. Well, maybe not everyone – some of us were just trying to get a perfect @SirPatStew selfie to kill the pain of more waiting around.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

16. Still, as famous as Patrick Stewart is, we were more interested in meeting 9-year-old Vivienne Harr, who rang the opening bell. She said she had dressed in the spirit of the Twitter bird.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

17. The brave lemonade entrepreneur and human rights activist dared to cross over into the pen and pose with adoring reporters.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

21. NYSE staff gave themselves a thumbs-up for the glitch-free IPO.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

Unlike Facebook’s first day of trading, which was marred by technical glitches at the Nasdaq, the NYSE pulled off a seamless debut for Twitter.

22. Within minutes after the opening of trading, the pen was empty. It was over. Even Patrick Stewart had vanished without a trace.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

23. As we exited the exchange, a drizzle had descended over Wall Street. It was clear that on this day, Twitter had made it rain.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

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