Tony Romo’s Amazing Season Was The Definition Of A Comeback Story

Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

After signing a $108 million extension with the Dallas Cowboys in 2013, the pressure’s been on Tony Romo to produce for a team that’s shown immense faith in his ability.

This season, he’s delivered with remarkable reliability, with performances that have earned him a trip to February’s Pro Bowl game.

Romo, who’s thrown 34 touchdowns (with only 9 interceptions) in 15 starts, has led the Cowboys to the 2014 NFC East division title and a tie for the league’s best record at 12-4.

His season is about much more than team accolades though, as his run of good form has gone a long way in reversing the perception that a number of fans (fairly of unfairly) have had about him for years.

Simply put, Tony Romo had a season that quieted the critics and became the definition of a comeback story.

For the better part of his career, Romo has been ridiculed as an overrated quarterback who always crumbles when it matters mosts.

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Getty Images

Between his committing his most infamous, game-losing error, during that fateful playoff game against Seattle eight seasons ago

To his past three seasons, during which the Cowboys have finished with disappointing 8-8 records after late-season meltdowns.

Romo has become synonymous with the Cowboys’ inability to live up to their historic standards…

While also landing the unwanted role as the poster boy for players who are perceived to be “un-clutch.”

He even started this season with an embarrassing three-interception performance during Week 1, which kept the jokes coming… and coming.

Since then, though, Romo turned his game around and has been on fire ever since.

After promising in July to show the “best version” of himself over the next five years, Romo’s done just that.

Following their opening loss against San Francisco, Romo averaged a 115.2 passer rating during a six-game winning streak that launched the Cowboys into the Super Bowl discussion.

During that stretch, he defined the word “clutch.”

Over the whole course of the season, he’s been able to show off the best of his ability to avoid pressure and make game-breaking plays.

He’s also furthered his reputation of playing through serious pain, missing just one game despite severely injuring his surgically repaired back.

Romo on the injury, via Dallas Morning News’ David Moore:

If it turns out to be just the pain tolerance, I will play. That part has never been an issue.

And as the Cowboys’ oldest player, he has perfectly fulfilled the role as the leader of the team.

He’s made a mockery of the stigma that he can’t perform late in the season.

And he’s helped the Cowboys to a perfect 8-0 away-game record.

His reward has been a season that’s seen him make history.

All while putting up MVP-like numbers.

Guess who’s the quarterback-rating league leader?

The NFL’s probable league MVP, Tony Romo.

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Getty Images

Bonus: Shutting up his detractors must feel good, too.



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