20 Celebrities Who Went From Awkward to Amazing

1) Zac Efron

Most of us went through those awkward phases growing up that we would probably rather forget. If youre famous, however, no one ever forgets thanks to the movies, shows, and pictures that still hang around.

But, as these celebrities show, just because they were awkward as kids doesnt mean they had to be awkward adults.

Before High School Musical fame, Zac Efron was a rather gawky child actor, starring in movies like Melindas World and Miracle Run.

2) Emma Watson

She grew up on the set of Harry Potter, but has come into her own as the British Fashion Awards 2014 British Style Award winner.3) Daniel Radcliffe

And speaking of Harry Potter, Radcliffe went from boy wizard to grown man dropping his drawers on Broadway.4) Dakota Fanning

After her breakthrough performance at age 7 in I am Sam, Fanning went on to grow up in front of the camera in everything from War of the Worlds to the Twilight saga.5) Alyssa Milano

Who’s the boss? Milano, who went from tomboy tween to Melrose Place and Mistresses queen.6) Scarlett Johansson

That innocent face that was part of 90s comedies like North and If Lucy Fell has gone on to be one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.7) Josh Peck

He may be one dapper dude hosting the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards, but he started out a bit more goofy on Drake & Josh.8) Abigail Breslin

The adorably awkward Olive Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine grew up to be an almost unrecognizable voluptuous vixen.9) Jonathan Lipnicki

Now a ripped MMA fighter with a six-pack, he earned his fame as the geeky little kid in 90s hits Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little.10) Alexa Vega

This stunner went from Spy Kids to Machete Kills, which is quite a transition.11) Lindsay Lohan

Her troubled history is no secret, but this once-awkward actress got her start in Disney’s The Parent Trap and went on to mature (at least physically) in a remarkable way.12) Matthew Lewis

And in more Harry Potter news, Lewis’ chubby nerd Neville Longbottom got more unbelievable as the franchise kept pumping out films.13) Hayden Panettiere

Before she was a hot Heroes cheerleader, she played frizzy-haired Jessica on Malcolm in the Middle.14) Jerry OConnell

The ripped Hollywood actor we know today started by playing the chubby kid in Stand By Me.15) Michelle Trachtenberg

Who would have guessed that this child star would wind up on the cover of Maxim?16) Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He started out as a long-haired dork from another planet in 3rd Rock from the Sun and then swapped the awkwardness and small screen for the big one, starring in blockbusters such as Inception and Looper.17) Lacey Chabert

She grew up in the public eye on Party of Five and then made the transition complete when she strutted through Not Another Teen Movie.18) Nicholas Hoult

This British actor went from nerdy kid in About a Boy to a strangely attractive zombie in Warm Bodies.19) Danica McKellar

Remember Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years? No longer that scrawny kid with the braids, she went on to grace the covers of Maxim and Stuff.20) Alyson Stoner

While now she struts a much more mature figure, she was first introduced to the world in Disneys Mikes Super Short Show, which was soon followed by her first big-screen role as one of the 12 Baker kids in Cheaper by the Dozen.

While they were adorably awkward at kids and honestly, who isn’t? there’s no denying that time has treated them well.

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