24 People Who Don’t Understand How “Transformers” Could Exist Without Shia LaBeouf

“It’s like taking SpongeBob outta SpongeBob Squarepants.”

The fourth film in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise, Age Of Extinction, hits theaters this weekend, and it’s the first film to not include Shia LaBeouf.

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DreamWorks / Via rping-gifs-for-you.tumblr.com

Instead, Mark Wahlberg is playing the lead.

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A lot of people don’t understand why anyone would even make a Transformers movie without the embattled LaBeouf.

1. %image_alt% 𧊉✨ @perfectnirvana_

How you have a Transformers without Shia Labeouf?

2. %image_alt% sabrina. @sabiebabie_

am i the only one that’s heart broken because Shia Labeouf isn’t in the new Transformers?

3. %image_alt% ✨Sharah Michelle✨ @Dancer_1397

The fact that they made yet another transformers movie…. & Shia labeouf isn’t even it! What even is transformers without Shia labeouf!

4. %image_alt% Haylee Sagnibene @hsagnibene

how are they gonna make a transformers without shia labeouf this is not okay

5. %image_alt% KING @briainterlude

why would they even make a new transformers without shia labeouf

6. %image_alt% asdfghjkl @PrachiRai

WHY IS THERE NO SHIA IN THE NEW TRANSFORMERS like sam witwicky is the best


Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jaimieetkin/tk-people-who-wont-see-a-transformers-movie

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