Community Post: ABC Family…or The Harry Potter Weekend Channel?

“I wonder what ABC Family is playing right now?”

25 Days of Christmas is fully upon us, which means we can watch all the classic Christmas movies, like Elf and A Christmas Story, we want to. Oh, and a whole franchise about a boy wizard. That has a total of about 8 minutes in it where there is snow on the ground and a Happy Christmas tossed in there (out of hours and hours of film).

Everyone’s been thinking it, no one really wanted to say it, but how is Harry Potter a Christmas movie?! Mega-blockbuster of epic proportions? Yes. Poignant coming of age story? Duh. Best series about magic ever? Obviously. Christmas time favorite? What.

Sidenote: Hogwarts Christmas game is sick. Maybe I can see why they bring it up every year….

We’re just fresh off the last Harry Potter Weekend (which have to start on Wednesdays or Thursdays now, so ABC Family is redefining the “weekend” now as well). It was part of the channel’s Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas, which is already a countdown to Christmas…but that’s a whole other topic I won’t get into now. It seems that Harry Potter weekends crop up around the holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day…

ABC Family doesn’t stop there. Oh no. It seems that just about every month (maybe even every three weeks) warrants a Harry Potter Weekend. “You know there’s nothing really going on this weekend….Harry Potter marathon?” – Most likely an exact quote said when they schedule their programming.

As a Potterhead from pretty much Day 1, this has always been fine by me. I’ll watch Harry Potter day, night – 15 hours straight, that’s cool with me. The more Potter, the better is usually my saying.

But after a helping dose of Potter this Thanksgiving, with more to come, I think it’s time to admit it: ABC Family has a serious Potter obsession. We me might need to look into getting them some help. And changing their name.

LOL Who am I kidding?


“More of our Harry Potter Weekend coming up next!”

Everyone’s EXACT reaction

All your friends ask if you know what’s on TV

YES!!! (before they’ve even finished their sentence) Via

30 years from now: Will we still have our weekends?

Of course because… Via

Will ABC Family ever stop with these Harry Potter Weekends?

They better not. Via

There is no Potter scheduled before Christmas, which has me thinking we’ll be ringing in the New Year with all of our old friends watching the Harry Potter Weekend Channel. Totes okay with that.

New Years Eve with Dumbles

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