7 Dirty Little Secrets of Franchising: Protect Your Franchise Investment

7 Dirty Little Secrets of Franchising: Protect Your Franchise Investment

Seven Dirty Little Secrets of Franchising shows you how to take franchise due diligence, the explorative work that you must do before you buy a franchise (if you plan to succeed), to a new level of expertise. There are secrets that franchisors don’t want you to know; secrets that they are not legally required to disclose. Most prospective franchisees have no idea these secrets exist so they don’t ask about them, and that makes it all the easier for franchisors, franchise brokers, franchise consultants, and others who sell franchises, to stop short of revealing information that could kill the deal.

I’m all in favor of people buying franchises-I’ve devoted my career, through my books, blog articles, and seminars, to help people invest wisely in franchises. Now, that includes helping people pull back the covers on franchise opportunities to reveal the secrets that some franchisors want to conceal, either intentionally or unintentionally.

But don’t get the wrong idea. This book isn’t about franchisors. Most franchisors are honest and they want to help their franchisees succeed. This book is about you! It’s about your ability to probe for facts and details that will help you make a wise investment in a franchise.

Franchising is fabulously successful and for many people it’s the only way they can succeed as business owners and operators. Now you have an even greater chance of reaching your business and financial goals as a franchisee by reading, and using, Seven Dirty Little Secrets of Franchising. Go pull back the covers!




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